助动词be的用法 1) be +现在分词,构成进行时态,例如: They are having a meeting. 他们正在开会。 English is becoming more and more important. 英语现在越来越重..
     一、英语答题策略 MBA英语阅读理解和作文总共75分,是重中之重,翻译15分和完形填空10分,是非重点。如果阅读和作文首先顺利完成,MBA英语可以说已经成功了一大半,接下..
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    1、It作先行主语和先行宾语的一些句型:She had said what it was necessary to say. 2、强调句型:It is not who rules us that is important,but how he rules us. 3、..
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     第一章 搞定时态 Verb Tense Verb Tense Overview with Examples一张表搞定英语国家最常用时态 Simple Past 一般过去 Simple Present 一般现在 Simple Future 一般将来 ..
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     完型填空的命题形式 完型填空的命题形式是给考生一篇语句连贯的短文(240-280字左右),命题人有目的地在每隔一定数量的词语后去除一处词语,形成总共20处词语空缺,然后..
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     一、 研究真题 一般来说,命题老师命题是建立在研究往年真题的基础之上;逻辑辅导书的编写也是以分析往年真题作为切入点。 作为对上述第一个论点的支持,请大家先来看看..
     1.We no longer keep up the close friendship of few years ago, though we still visit each other on occasion. good time B.up to date and then D..
     1. You will want two trees about ten feet apart, from ________to suspend your tent. A there B then C which D where 2. That was so serious a matter that I had..
     1.The more we looked at the picture, ____________. A the better we like it B we liked it less C it looked better D the more we liked it 2. His method of doin..
    Children live in a world in which science has tremendous importance. During their lifetimes, it will affect them more and more. In time, many of them will wor..
     答案解析: 1.B。根据文章第一段中“In time, many of them will work at jobs that depend heavily on science …”可知,孩子们将来的工作都会和科学紧密相连。故答..
     The average number of authors on scientific papers is sky-rocketing. That’s partly because labs are bigger, problems are more complicated, and more differen..
     答案解析: 1. C。根据文章第一段中“…it’s also because U.S. government agencies have started to promote ‘team science’.”可知论文数量的增加与team scienc..
     It was Friday, the day of the field trip on which Miss Joan would take her class to pick apples. Miss Joan enjoyed picking apples with her students. She smil..
     答案解析 1.C。根据文章论述可知,Miss Joan的信封里有40美元,自己掏腰包拿出20美元,所以共计60美元。故答案为C。 2.A。subject to change without notice意为“改..
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